Settlement & Payment:

1. Cut-off: every Monday 00:00(UTC-0, London Time); cut-off is on system, but not to deduct the coins of hosts at the same time until payment.
2. The coins are deducted every Thursday when doing payment.
3. Payment: Your salary is sent to your agent every Thursday and corresponding coins are deducted at the same time.

Violations & Punishment:

1. The system collects all callers’ rating data as well as the chosen detailed items and remarks, so that we are able to understand what kind of violation you’ve done and implement punishment accordingly.
2. Commonviolations:
3. Punishment rules: 10%, 30%, 50% of coins in that week according to number of violations and severity.

Grading for Hosts:

1. Hosts have her own grade from the beginning of the work with different rate/min, tasks and features.
2. Being upgraded and downgraded are both normal process foreach host. So everyone should treat it with peace of mind and adjust your working methods accordingly.
3. Judging the grade of the host is based on data and the key metrics is the service quality in the calls.

Rules for Profiles Media:

1. The photos and videos on your profile that break the following rules will not be accepted and displayed.
2. For‘Avatar’:
2.1 Content: show your whole face and neck, make sure your face is in them iddle of the photo; do not expose any of the following: nipples, bellybutton, genitals, buttocks, thighs, etc., and do not make any frames or border around the photo itself.
2.2 Lighting: bright, have enough light;
2.3 Clarity: the clearer the better;
3. For ‘MyPhotos’:
3.1 Content: related to yourself, show your special features; do not expose any of the following: genitals, asshole, etc.;
3.2 Clarity: the clearer the better;
4. Forvideos:
4.1 Content: related to yourself, not the videos of landscapes or animals; do not expose any of the following: genitals, asshole, etc.;
4.2 Length: more than 5 seconds.